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Elgon Systems first approached nLightened Development LLC inquiring about setting up a front end system to update the website they had provided a client. The hunterplastics site is actually a fully modular Drupal distribution that allows multiple sites and back ends and front ends to communicate. Elgon has designed a back end inventory control system for manufacturing equipment resellers. The back end feeds information to the drupal system via a restful api. Once Drupal consumes that information it is immediately indexed by solr allowing for complex faceted searching, nLightened Development LLC partnered with Parallax to provide the fully responsive front end.

nLightened Development LLC has built a fully deployable solution using the Digital Ocean API that allows rapid turnaround for new inventory systems.


Parallax Information Technology

Parallax was founded in 1996. At that time, our bread and butter was building Windows based client server applications for corporations using the Progress 4GL. We launched our first commercial website for Sunoco in 1998, a web application that managed the scheduling of bulk transportation at a Philadelphia facility.

In 2001 we began providing web development and hosting services for some of America’s finest brands; designing and building content management platforms to support global websites. Today, we continue building web systems (intranet, extranets and websites) for B2B and B2C using the latest technologies and strategies.